All of the products made at the distillery, New Make, Gin Levantine, and Young Single Malt, are locally inspired. They are the result of an ongoing quest and uncompromising precision and performance. This year, in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, we decided to incorporate the story of our distillery into a larger, broader, and more complete context – the meaning of being Israeli.

It is only natural for us to celebrate with a new creation – a spirit that symbolizes the essence of authenticity, aroma, flavor, distinction, and similarity that are so deeply enrooted in the Israeli existence.
We contacted seven people from diverse cultural and professional fields, individuals who are revolutionary, creative, daring entrepreneurs, and asked them to choose a unique herb, root or spice that represents the essence of Israel to them. Each of these individuals’ personal and professional paths represents something of the roots that outline our shared path.

Together, their choices created a complete, unique blend specially prepared at our distillery – Roots Liquor, based on our New Make product.

Keren Leibovitch

Israeli swimmer and Paralympic champion, who has won 7 Olympic medals and holds several world records. Following a training injury during her army service, Keren was left partially paralyzed in both legs. Despite her injury, she became an outstanding Olympic swimmer, a proud mother, and the developer of a unique Pilates-based method for helping people with disabilities.

Almonds were an integral part of my childhood – my grandmother Mami used them to make marzipan. Almonds have the perfect balance of sweet and bitter; their unique flavor is the flavor of yearning.

Erez Komarovsky

Chef and baker who partnered with Hanan Azran to establish Erez and Hanan Catering, which specializes in his unique culinary style: “From Garden to Plate” – emphasizing freshness, simplicity, color, and diversity. Founder of the successful “Lehem Erez” chain, and author of six cooking and baking books . Today, Erez offers private cooking workshops at his home in Mattat

Savory grows wild in my orchard. I combine savory with lamb, close my eyes, and envision the Galilee, the oak trees, and the goats.

Eli Mizrachi

Born to a family of long-time merchants in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market. He is credited with the revival of the market after an extended period of an escalating security situation and terrorist attacks. As the founder of the first café in the market, he helped restore the young, vibrant atmosphere that makes Machane Yehuda the popular, authentic recreational site that it is today. He was chosen to light one of the torches on Mt. Herzl on the eve of Israel’s 69th Independence Day.

The strong Israeli presence of coriander can be tasted in every dish or beverage. Whether you are a fan of this herb or not – it is impossible to ignore it.

Ronny Someck

Prize-winning poet and artist who is acclaimed in Israel and abroad. His works have been translated into forty-two languages. He immigrated to Israel from Baghdad in 1953, and grew up in a transit camp. Critics write that he has “created a personal and unique poetic style based on a complex array of imagery in which he paints the world in the colors of East and West”.

Jasmine is the aromatic bridge between Baghdad (my city of origin) and the country where I live.

Avivit Priel

A prominent and admired chef who was the head chef at the successful Tapeo Restaurant for ten years before she opened Ouzeria in 2012. This restaurant in the Florentine neighborhood specializes in local Mediterranean cuisine and has received excellent reviews. She was recently named “Best female chef” in the Time Out food awards competition.

The anise in tarragon is associated with Israeli authenticity and Mediterranean culture. It brings to mind social gatherings drinking Arak on busy days in the market.

Dr. Elyashiv Drori

An agronomist and winemaker, international wine judge, and senior lecturer. A man whose heart and work are deeply rooted in soil and nature.
Dr. Drori led a study, funded by KKL-JNF, that attempted to map and identify the DNA of 100 different vine species that are unique to the ancient Land of Israel. Thanks to this research, a number of wines have been created by commercial Israeli wineries using ancient indigenous species, awarding them with considerable recognition and success.

I particularly love this plant because it can be found in the wild area of Mt. Efraim where I live, and its strong fragrance accompanies me when I walk through the fields, lingering like a unique perfume even after I return to the lab.

Tomer Goren

One of the most prominent whisky experts in Israel and a leading entrepreneur in the local alcohol industry. He has been Chief Distiller at Milk & Honey Distillery since its establishment. He is an endless source of knowledge, and a professional authority on the art of distillation and everything related to the local alcohol community. Tomer apprenticed at a number of Scottish distilleries and is currently completing his studies in England to become a Master Distiller.

I chose cardamom because it makes me think of black coffee – the most Israeli beverage around, in my opinion. I only drink my coffee with cardamom!

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