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The New World of Whisky (Hebrew)

This workshop is in Hebrew.


The Milk and Honey team, will take you on a fascinating journey in distant regions - to The New World of Whisky!


Traditionally, whisky comes from four countries - Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the US. This is the Old World of whisky.. In the last 20 years, the New World of whisky has developed vastly, bringing new whiskies and brands from various countries to the whisky market in a way that has shaken the world of whisky. Today, many countries you wouldn’t expect have been distilling for years - countries such as India, Sweden, Taiwan, Germany, Australia, and now Israel!


This revolutionary change has forced older distilleries to use innovation and creativity in their whisky distilling, and encouraged new distilleries to push the boundaries on what we see as the world of whisky.


In an exhilarating and adventurous evening, you will learn about the different types of whiskies representing the New World and how they differ from whisky originating from the Old World. Finally, you will taste five different whiskies that will help us understand the uniqueness and distinctiveness of these types of whisky; this will include a taste of some of our own distillery products as well.


Number of participants: 15 participants.

Cost: 165 NIS per person.


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1.5 Hours

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