This tour and workshop are in Hebrew.


A special experience for those who like to shake it up! This workshop is for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail - and wants to learn how to make one at home. Starting the night with a chance to see how whisky is made, you will experience a special 30 minute tour to learn about the whisky production process by walking through the distillery. Of course, this will include tasting our products, which you will use as a base for the cocktails you’ll later learn how to make.


After the tour, you will sit at our Visitor Center - where for an hour and a half, you’ll learn how to mix and shake cocktails and get a glimpse into the world of a Mixologist. Each participant will use a variety of tools (shaker, strainers, raw ingredients, etc.) and make three delicious cocktails based on two Milk & Honey Distillery spirits: Levantine Gin and New Make.


An exciting opportunity to broaden your horizons, discover new flavors and have a great time!


Number of participants: up to 24 participants.

Cost: 150 NIS per person.




2 Hours

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