Israel's first whisky distillery

A Tel- Avivian distillery

We’re an urban distillery. Located in one of Tel Aviv’s up and coming neighborhoods, M&H is a part of the city’s fabric, among entrepreneurs and innovators, makers and artisans. We built the distillery to be in our hometown, along with the beachfront, the lively markets and the architecture.

Hot climate maturation

Israel’s 300 sunny days in an average year and the Mediterranean climate are our greatest advantage. Hot climate maturation means that our whisky ages rapidly, yet significantly gracefully.

Whisky made in warmer weather takes on specific terroir which yields unique flavors that somewhat differ from their Old-World counterparts. Our methods, technique and equipment carry on centuries-old knowledge and we keep the tradition of minimum three years of aging.

Cask selection

our casks are selected after a meticulous screening process, with thought and planning years ahead. Alongside our cure range of ex- bourbon casks, ex-red wine casks and STR casks, we constantly seek for new and interesting casks like pomegranate wine, kosher sherry, rum, etc.

No compromise

From the beginning we’ve been aiming for the best. We tested ingredients, experimented with the recipes and traveled the world to select the most suitable casks. We hired the late Dr Jim Swan, one of the world’s most accomplished master distillers and an expert in hot climate distillation and maturation, as an advisor.

Compromise is never an option. We pursue perfection in every aspect, from our custom-made traditional copper pot stills to quality control throughout the process.

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