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01 December, 2016

Silver and Gold Medals at Terravino 2016

Silver medal to our Single Malt New Make, gold medal to Levantine Gin at Terravino 2016 Mediterranean International Wine & Spirit Challenge

The Milk & Honey Distillery is celebrating its first medals, won at Terravino 2016 Mediterranean International Wine & Spirit Challenge.

Our Levantine Gin won gold medal and our Single Malt New Make received silver medal in a blind tasting conducted by an international panel of judges, based on taste, aroma, finish and category criteria. It is both exciting and a great honor that our hard work and professionalism are acknowledged.

As a whisky distillery. all of our products are made using double-distilled 100% malted barley. Levantine Gin is distilled for the 3rd time in a 250L gin-specific pot still, after 48 hours of soaking botanicals that are typical to Mediterranean cuisine in the still, among which are black pepper, citrus peels and hyssop. Our Single Malt New Make is the clear spirit flowing from the pot still, that after 3 years of aging in wooden casks becomes whisky. Bottled in 50% abv. with dominant barley and red fruit flavors, the Milk & Honey New Make is a perfect base for cocktails. At the competition it was sampled neat, of course. We are the first to admit that new make (also known as white dog and white whiskey) is a challenging drink – it’s a high-proof spirit, without any additives or time in the barrel to mellow it down. The silver medal indicates the quality of our New Make and the base spirit and we are certain that many more medals  and awards are waiting for us in the future.

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