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20 May, 2016

This Land Is Flowing With Milk And Honey Whisky

Brian of London visited the distillery - you can visit too! PM for booking.

I’m not a whisky expert, I’m just a dedicated amateur. The Milk and Honey distillery is on its way and making something amazing. There’s a beautiful visitor centre near Jaffa in the south of Tel Aviv and they’ve got an amazing story. You can taste the first beginnings of what they’re making. In addition to the “New Make” raw alcohol and the Cask 004 Young Single Malt I tasted a “Levantine Gin”. I’m not a regular gin drinker but it had incredible flavours.

If you want a more technical review this is a great one from Whisky Israel. You can organise a visit to the visiter centre (by appointment). I can thoroughly recommend that. It’s a great new tourist attraction for Tel Aviv. Look them up on Facebook.

phone 03-6320491